Problem Statement: 


The lack of a persistent value based education in the existing schooling systems translates to social and environmental issues such as the careless depletion of resources, criminal behaviour amongst teenagers, inequality, discrimination, cruelty towards animals etc.

Our exposure to these issues as adults triggers offline and online campaigns, hard conversations and action to a certain extent but does not tackle the issue at the root.



Proposed Solution:

The GoodSeed project looks to build a large resource center for educational content focused on Universal Human Values. Through this project, Mumbai Hub Shapers are looking to empower a generation of young leaders (children from the ages 8-15) with two main values: Empathy and Inclusion. 


Hub Activities:

- GoodSeed launched with a massive event that unified 150 educators from around the globe and prominent experts from the industry (Kathy Hirsh-Pasek, David Sawyer, Sean Bellamy, Suhela Khan, Anir Chowdhury) to stress on the importance of social emotional learning 

- GoodSeed then conducted a series of small sessions to train interested parents and teachers in using a SEL based App to teach children about Education and Empathy 

- GoodSeed has collaborated and partnered with CRY India, Project Rangeet, Govt. of Jharkhand to help children from mining communities to gain access to education that empahsizes EMPATHY and INCLUSION


Impact :

- At the end of 2020, GoodSeed partnered with the State Govt. of Jarkhand to train 60+ teachers and 2500+ students within 3 weeks 

Target Group: 

Children who fall into the age bracket of 8 - 16



Global Shapers Mumbai will be involved in creating or curating the content and developing frameworks to set up the microcentres of learning. This can be done collaboratively and even through established partnerships. 

Short Term Goals:

  1. Short illustrated Video Clips (maybe a series of 3) that could use storytelling to convey the ideas of EMPATHY and INCLUSION (To be circulated through digital platforms, social media and made available on open source platforms to download)

  2. Set up a page for Good Seed where we can source stories of values from the city of Mumbai itself which can later be put out in the form of an illustrated book (like bedtime stories for little girls/boys but a Mumbai Edition. This model can then be expanded into other hubs too)

  3. E-book / Physical book

  4. Set up a rural library on the outskirts of Maharashtra where we have curated books that fit into the values we’re trying to implement. Reading sessions to take place here post lockdown. 

  5. A micro centre to be adopted by at least 5 schools in Mumbai


Long Term Goal:

The project seeks to train up to 10,000 children on Empathy by the end of July 2021 and to create a mindset shift amongst the younger generation in dealing with social issues and understanding the impact of their actions.