Green Blue Rawalpindi

The hub’s project Green Blue Rawalpindi aims to be a medium towards a long-term solution to combat the adverse effects of climate change, especially heat waves. The aim is to engage and empower the indigenous community through the plantation of native trees that provide shade, strengthen and regenerate the depreciated soil, limit dust and CO2 from the air and attract wild bees to promote pollination and bird species to increase biodiversity. This large-scale strategic plantation is coupled with awareness sessions, walks, public discussions and resolutions to elected members of the legislature signed by the people to craft city, provincial and national level climate friendly policies to multiply the effect of the campaign. The hub has already implemented this strategy in Rawalpindi, which has uplifted the local indigenous communities.


The project offers a multi-layered, multi-facet solution with the following goals:

  1. Goal: A dense shade cover along roads - Impact: A natural embankment against heat waves and shade in blistering summers.

  2. Goal: Urban forest - Impact: Recovering the degenerated lands, carbon sink, a habitat for urban wildlife.

  3. Goal: Fruit trees in parks - Impact: habitat for wild bees.