Green Neighbourhood Challenge

The #GreenNeigbourhoodChallenge (GNC) aims at sensitizing the population of urban and rural areas on the importance of sanitation and afforestation. But, also to promote green cities through community engagement and tree planting. The GNC wants to mobilize children, youth and adults towards action, by engaging into sensitization campaigns, reforestation, micro-gardening, beautifying streets through green initiative and the creation of green spaces in neighborhoods to help curb desertification and air pollution. The #GreenNeigborhoodChallenge works towards the attainment of SDG 1, 2, 11, 13, and 17.


The general objective of this initiative is to foster ecofriendly environments through community engagement and tree planting. 

Specific objectives 

●      Sensitize and train the locals of Diameré and Mayo Sava department on the importance of reforestation and sanity.

●      Creation of green spaces in communities and municipalities in the diameré department, far north of Cameroon. 

●      Create economic opportunities for families and households through fruit trees planting. 

      Reduce the spread of the desert and promote water concentration in arid and semi-arid regions. 


The awaited results for this project are:


●      Sensitize over 400 persons from the department of Diamaré, and Mayo Sava, far north region of Cameroon on the causes and effects of desertification, deforestation and unsanitary in other to promote sustainable development

●      Train over 300 persons on reforestation and monitoring of plants

●      Plant 2000 trees (fruit trees and non-fruit trees) in 12 neighborhoods in the department of Diamaré and Mayo Sava in the Far north to push the desert and promote water concentrations. 

      Promote the economic empowerment of 100 families through the sales of fruits at the local, regional and national level.