Green Team

The “Green Team” project was dedicated to creating a carefully researched and well-designed Manifesto to educate the general audience of Turin about the problem of excessive waste, and to disseminate ideas on how to prevent creating waste.


In Turin, as of 2017, roughly 487 kg of waste was being generated per person per year. On a local level, the presence of waste affects especially the most vulnerable members of the society, damaging their health more than anyone else's; additionally waste management has a significant impact on infrastructural costs at the municipal level. Globally, the waste produced in more affluent parts of the world more often than not ends up in developing countries that experience increasingly more troubles with impossible waste management. Both locally and globally, excessive waste alters ecosystems, damaging and threatening the survival of humankind and many other species. 


The problem of waste had already generated a public debate and political action focused on recycling and more efficient waste management but not enough attention was being paid to preventing waste in the first place. A reduction in the volume of waste would improve the quality of life in Turin and reduce the living costs by cutting unsustainable expenses. Thus, Shapers resolved to develop a Manifesto with 10 simple guidelines that could be easily followed by anyone. The message needed to be as simple as possible, communicated in an effective way, and diffused to the great extent possible. 


In the first phase of work, the Hub dedicated itself to researching various ways of reducing waste in order to select the most impactful prescriptions among infinite possibilities. Shapers reviewed literature on the topic, conducted interviews and consultations with experts at different partner organizations, most notably the “Green Team” at the Politecnico di Torino.


The Manifesto included the following 10 points:


  1. Use the moka pot, avoid capsules.

  2. Reuse your shopping bags

  3. Don’t buy bottled water

  4. Use reusable containers

  5. Donate your old clothes or, if damaged, use them as rags

  6. Move with car/bike-sharing

  7. Eliminazione della pubblicità di carta in buca

  8. Clean up after your dog - use a special bag

  9. Fruit and vegetables don’t need packaging!

  10. Track expiration dates on food


Having clarified the contents, Shapers focused on the form, drafting three graphic designs for the campaign. The ideas for the dissemination strategy included: urban happenings, a card game, an artistic fashion collection, lobbying for policy changes, and leveraging the docking stations of Turin’s bike-sharing network [TO]BIKE used by over 25.000 subscribed members.