Green-Up Initiative (GUI)

Zero to low climate literacy among young Africans and Nigerians poses a significant threat to our climate adaptation and resilience. People can better adapt to what they are aware of, and climate education is the missing piece in this puzzle. The Green-Up Initiative (GUI) seeks to improve climate adaptation and resilience efforts by promoting climate literacy among young people in Benin-City, starting with secondary school students.

The Project Model

1. Classroom sessions: teaching modules on climate change

2. Climate and sustainability clubs: sustainability workshops, pitch exercises, and solutions/product demos

3. Tree-planting exercises


1. 1000 persons educated and100 trees planted through GUI in the next 2 years

2. Climate and sustainability clubs set up in schools where they are non-existent. Defunct clubs reactivated.

3. Policy recommendations to integrate climate change modules into schools curriculum.

4. Platform to mentor young students on sustainable energy career paths.



Number of school visited: 1

Number of classes held: 5

Number of students reached: 90

Number of trees planted: 5

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