Green Up Mbabane

Green Up Mbabane seeks to address environmental awareness, in our capital city and beyond, for our indigenous arbor and flora in Eswatini. The challenges this project seeks to address include a lack of awareness regarding indigenous and exotic or alien plants and the greater environmental well-being and sustainability of Mbabane’s green and public spaces. The main solution we are working on is to heighten awareness and be actively involved in beautification processes, to indigenise Mbabane’s green spaces. The impact our solutions will include increased biodiversity and beauty of our capital city, as well as increased shade and green spaces in and around the central business district. In line with the Mbabane Hub’s environmental and sustainability drives, Green Up Mbabane began with the planting of indigenous Swati trees in public spaces, in 2013. The intention was to generate awareness of the benefits of indigenous trees and the dangers of exotic/invasive plants, while beautifying and ensuring the environmental sustainability of green public space. Green Up Mbabane initially had 3 main goals: community buy-in; diversification; and sustainability. Community buy-in spoke to having local members of the community donate trees, to be planted on their behalf, and be engaged in the project in the city. Diversification spoke to the number of indigenous species planted, whilst noting the harmful plants that were removed. Finally, sustainability spoke to the survival rates of the trees, as well as the growth of this initiative.