GS Tripoli Response to the Daniel Storm

Problem Statement: The city of Derna in Libya faced severe devastation and loss of life due to the Daniel Storm in September 2023, resulting in extensive flooding, loss of over 11,000 lives, and displacement of tens of thousands of residents.

Target Group: The project aims to support the residents of Derna, including those who were directly affected by the storm's devastation and the internally displaced persons (IDPs) who sought refuge in Tripoli following the disaster.

Proposed Solution: Global Shapers Tripoli initiated a comprehensive response to address the immediate and long-term needs of the affected population. This response includes fundraising, coordination with local partners, volunteer mobilization, data verification, and long-term commitments to support both the local community in Derna and IDPs in Tripoli.

Hub Activities for This Project:

  • Fundraising Campaigns: Conducting transparent fundraising campaigns to provide financial support. Donation Fund: Establishing a dedicated fund for relief efforts.

  • Volunteer Mobilization: Organizing volunteer teams for on-ground relief work.

  • Coordination with Local Partners: Collaborating with local organizations and community groups.

  • Data Verification: Supporting the government's emergency response by managing and reporting data.

  • Relief Coordination: Coordinating aid distribution and logistics.

  • Community Support: Rebuilding infrastructure and providing education, healthcare, and economic opportunities.

  • IDP Assistance: Offering humanitarian aid, essential services, and support to internally displaced persons.

Short-Term and Long-Term Goals:

  • Short-Term Goals: Provide immediate relief to the disaster-affected population. Ensure efficient coordination of aid distribution. Establish psychological support initiatives. Support IDPs with essential services and aid.

  • Long-Term Goals: Rebuild infrastructure in Derna. Develop education and healthcare facilities. Create economic opportunities for the local community. Facilitate the integration and recovery of IDPs.

Project Metrics: Output Metrics: Amount of funds raised. Number of volunteers mobilized. Quantity of relief supplies distributed. Number of psychological support sessions conducted. Progress in rebuilding infrastructure and facilities.

Impact Metrics: Improved living conditions for disaster-affected residents. Enhanced resilience of the Derna community. Successful reintegration and recovery of IDPs. Positive changes in the long-term well-being of the affected population.

Project Collaborators: Local organizations and community groups in Derna. Partner organizations for fundraising and relief coordination. Government medical agencies for psychological support initiatives.