GSC Global Citizenship Education Program

There are so many issues in the fractured world and in order to tackle those, people need to understand that the world is shared. UN Global Citizenship Education(GCED) and many educational organizations claim that the younger the better to accept and adapt to this reality. Lack of liberal arts education system in Japanese elementary school, most adults still not aware of global issues, even though that influences them directly and indirectly. We, Tokyo Hub, decided to provide such educational opportunity to Japanese elementary school children, who do not necessarily speak English or involved in such program, to learn about what is happening in this world. And it is also our mission as Global Shapers to deliver such program to our younger generation in the community. The program consists of 12 session, throughout the year, covering topics like LGBT, Jobs, Technology, Health, Sports, History, Politics and Money and etc. Every session is ran and designed by the existing Shapers or Alumnis. The program is completely free of charge and open to public (anyone from Greater Tokyo Area can apply).