Hack for Women Hackathon

For two consecutive years the Nice Hub has been co-organizing a Hackathon to promote Gender parity in Tech, together with the association WHAT06 (Women Hackers Action Tank). The first edition of the hackathon took place in 2016, and has since become a highly-anticipated event in the French Riviera. It gathers more than 100 professionals in November in local science park Sophia Antipolis. The event is meant to be family-friendly, to that end, participants and especially mothers are encouraged to come with their kids. While their parents are working with their teams, children can attend workshops to learn the basics of programming using educational robots Thymio. Nice Shapers are involved at each stage of the organization and always have one or two members who are actual participants of the hackathon. For the last two editions, the Nice Hub was also responsible for creating all the promotion material from digital content to press releases and printed communication tools. This hackathon achieved outstanding women representation in the last two editions as women represented 40% of the attendees, way above the local average. Gender parity and innovation are two of hub's core interests and the Hub is very proud of the success of this hackathon.