#HackCovid19UY Montevideo - Virtual Hackathon

The HackCovid19 is an online, intensive and tutored process of team co-creation, to respond to problems caused by the coronavirus in the community. It is organized by the ORT University and Fundacion Da Vinci, and Global Shapers Montevideo is participating as one of the teams in charge of coming up with a solution. 

It will be developed in three stages: Propose, Hack and Share.

The first, propose, is an open call to present problem proposals in areas such as access and management of public information, ethics and coexistence, logistics, hardware, biotechnology, alert systems, etc.

Then, in the second stage of hacking, teams will be formed to work intensively online to solve problems, being tutored by referents from the organizers.

To finish, the third stage of sharing will be carried out, with the aim of exchanging the solutions with the public.