Hackcovid19uy Montevideo

Problem Statement:

The HackCovid19uy Montevideo project was an online, intensive and tutored process of team co-creation, to respond to problems caused by the coronavirus in the community. It was organized by the ORT University and Fundacion Da Vinci, and the Global Shapers Montevideo Hub participated as one of the teams in charge of coming up with solutions.


Target Group:

Artisans who worked in tourist areas and who were strongly affected by the lack of tourist demand.


Proposed Solution:

A support and strengthening program to provide artisans with the resources to cope with this major challenge and to build a sense of community among participants.


Hub Activities:

The project has developed around three stages: Propose, Hack and Share.

The first stage, propose, was an open call to present problems in areas such as access and management of public information, ethics and coexistence, logistics, hardware, biotechnology, alert systems, etc. Global Shapers Montevideo team choose to work with sustainability of micro and small businesses in times of health crisis, focusing on the impact on the business continuity of artisans who are currently affected by their activity due to the lack of tourist demand.

In the second stage of hacking, teams were formed to collaboratively work online in solving problems, being tutored by mentors. Our mentor was from Fundacion Da Vinci team.

To finish, the third stage consisted in sharing and exchanging solutions with the public. 


Short & Long-Term Goals/Results:

1 Project: "Potenciarte - Artesanos en acción". It was selected as one of the two best solutions of the #HackCovid19UY.


Available Metrics:

+10 shapers volunteers

1 Project



ORT University and Fundacion Da Vinci.


This project has been completed: Start date ABR 2020 | End date: MAY 2020