HALO Impact Sessions

HALO Impact Sessions is a project that is currently being delivered by the San José Hub. The purpose is to create a virtual community where recognized professionals share how they are coping with Covid-19. The project also provides valuable content to the audience on areas that may be of big interest to the general public or to expand the level of knowledge talking on specific themes. Finally, the goal is to provide a space for hope and knowledge where people of the community share how they are feeling and how they are viewing the world post-Covid-19. For this project, 25 sessions were designed with 75 panelists (59% women) that shared their expertise and provided tools to the audience. Also, this project allowed the engagement of 20 Shapers that contributed to their knowledge in the sessions. As of today, HALO Impact Sessions have received over 31.044 views on Facebook and over 1,800 live viewers during sessions.