Hazla por la Amazonía - Perú

Since the beginning of August 2019, the Amazon has been up in flames like never before. The fire is not only destroying our biodiversity, but we are also losing one of the main sources of oxygen on the planet - the Amazon produces 20% of the oxygen we breathe. To mitigate this impact, the Peruvian Trust Fund for Natural Protected Areas and the Global Shapers Lima Hub have launched a fundraising campaign. Our aim: plant 1 million trees in the Peruvian Amazon in 2020. This is an ambitious goal that requires extense support. Donations will go directly to restoration initiatives led by local actors. We have joined the main initiatives of restoration of the Amazonian forest of Peru under one unique platform to achieve the goal of 1 million trees. Putting together several organizations we managed to cover most of the Amazonian territory. Each initiative alone would not have the capacity to reach the goal, but together, we can achieve it.