Health Club Copenhagen

An increasing number of children and young people in Denmark are being diagnosed with depression and anxiety, according to figures from the Danish Health Data Authority (Sundhedsdatastyrelsen). The number has increased from 2,300 to 7,100 over the last decade, according to reports. The Health Club project wants to tackle this problem by creating a community and a safe space for youths in Copenhagen to address mental health issues through group activities including sports, yoga, and meditation. The target group of this project is, youths in Copenhagen (18-27 years old) who face challenges in dealing with daily stress.

Short-term objectives:

  • Hold exploratory conversations with at least 3 leaders of local mental health clubs (MeetUps) based in Copenhagen

  • Establish partnerships with existing groups who do sports with a well-being/mental health focus 

  • Run a pilot session in March 2023. Aim to have at least 10 participants

Long-term objectives:

  • Create a self-running/self-sustained youth community which can be a “safe space” for its members

  • Increase the well-being of the youths participating in its activities as measured by an optional post-activity survey (TBD)