Help for COVID-19 frontline workers

The onset of the COVID19 pandemic witnessed a distressing shortage of essential medical equipment. The Trivandrum Hub initiated this project to help procure items like surgical face masks, N95 masks, oximeters, and PPE kits.

The target group was frontline workers – ICU and COVID-duty ward doctors, nurses and ancillary staff like medical technicians, sanitation workers, and hospital administration.

The Trivandrum Hub used our networks to find out which hospitals were facing the most cases and shortages. The major government organization we contacted was the Aarogya Keralam Project under the State Government. The Hub lobbied hard to reach out to the CSR wings of multinational corporations in the city. Two major corporates came forward and

The total equipment procured in units include:

·      6500 surgical masks

·      400 N95 masks

·      50 Oximeters

·      100 PPE Kits

Total value of equipment procured: Approximately INR 6,00,000 (Three Lakhs)

Collaborating organizations:

·      Government Medical Hospital, Kannur (requester)

·      National Health Mission, India (requester)

·      Aarogya Keralam Mission (requester)

·      UST Global (donor)

·      Tata Consultancy Services (donor)


This project ran from June 2020 to August 2020 and has been completed.