Helping Our Neighbors During COVID-19

To help the most vulnerable members of our community, several Paris Shapers have reached out to help their neighbours by offering their assistance to those who are particularly at risk if diagnosed with COVID-19. The project, lead by Valentin Worms, is extremely simple to put in place and involves putting up a sheet of paper in a visible location in your apartment block on which you explain the objective of the initiative and create two lines of boxes, the first with the details of those looking to help, the second for those asking for help. Each box contains a limited amount of information to be filled out by those looking to get involved. For those offering help: their name, where they live (which floor in the case of an apartment building), their telephone number (making for easier contact) and the service they propose, for example, going to the post office. We are grateful to Les Voisins Solidaires who inspired us and are promoting this initiative. For those looking for help, they will find ready-to-use templates that just need to be filled out and displayed in your apartment block. Solidarity begins with simple actions after all.