HERizon: Financial Literacy and Investment for Women

Inspired by Girls Who Invest USA, HERizon aims to motivate and empower women to participate in finance. Given the disparity in the finance industry, HERizon aims to close the gender gap and tap untapped potential that can aid in the growth of the finance industry. Above all, the project functions as a means to deliver financial literacy to women, allowing them to use this asset in any career path they wish to pursue. HERizon acts as an intermediary between client organizations who are interested in financial literacy and investment for their employees and managers and resource speakers who are professionals from the field.

The goals of the project include:

  1. Deliver financial literacy to women and encourage them to invest in and for their future

  2. Remove the fear associated with finance and investing

  3. Elicit and suggest actionable responses after the session

  4. Aid in closing the gender gap 


Open quarterly to 25-95 participants per client organization, each participating company can craft a needs-based program. The client organization can select a mixture of sessions (talks) and workshops based on what they think the women in their organization need. Each session and workshop will last for 1-1.5 hours, each day of the program will last for a maximum of three (3) hours, and the number of days will depend on how many sessions and workshops your organization will need. Each day can consist of 3-4 sessions/workshops. Necessary lecture notes and other resources will be provided beforehand. 

With the help of BDO Foundation, the best professionals in the field will be guiding the participants in understanding the ropes of finance and investing. HERizon is open to other resource speakers who are interested in holding any session or workshop below. Speakers will be contacted depending on the needs of each client organization. The list of available sessions and workshops are listed below.



  • Basics of Finance

  • Basics of Investing

  • ESG Investing

  • Trading Applications

  • Analyzing PSEi

  • Reading Charts

  • Analyzing Blue Chips

  • Analyzing Penny Stocks and Sensationalized Stocks

  • Global Markets

  • Money Market Funds, Other Funds, and Bonds

  • Alternative Investment Vehicles 

  • REITs

  • Investing during the pandemic + Economic Outlook

  • Personal Finance (BDO)


  • Risk Assessment and Portfolio Building

  • Trading Simulation 

  • Maximizing Your Online Platform

  • Trading Simulation in Global Markets 

  • Crypto Simulation