Heroes Behind the Shield

The Johannesburg Global Shapers, in partnership with non-profit organisation RUACH 3D, Alpha Pharm and the wider 3D printing community, are collaborating to produce and distribute 3D Printed Face Shields to healthcare workers across South Africa at no charge. 

Global Shapers have seen the urgent need to protect all healthcare workers from the COVID-19 pandemic. There are approximately 430 000 healthcare workers who are at the forefront of battling the deadly COVID-19 virus in South Africa. With the increase in amount of healthcare worker infections, Alpha Pharm and RUACH 3D saw the urgent need to provide a quick and effective solution by producing 3D Printed Face Shields which will be provided to healthcare workers at no charge.  

The Johannesburg Global Shapers are assisting RUACH 3D and Alpha Pharm in the collection of funds, filament and sheets which will be used for the production and distribution of the 3D Printed Face Shields. The Johannesburg Global Shapers, Alpha Pharm and RUACH 3D will not profit from this vital initiative. We humbly request that public and corporate organizations support this initiative by making a contribution. The funds raised will be used to acquire the necessary raw materials required to produce 3D Printed Face Shields.