Honrada No Vendida

Problem Statement:


Human trafficking as a form of modern slavery by perpetuating violence against human beings, especially women and girls, has long been normalised into tradition in Guatemala and Latin America. This goes from house-keeping, tortilla workers, forced migration, sexual and labour exploitation, indigenous marginalization, and precarity of dignified opportunities, where information is unavailable, unattainable or ill-communicated. Guatemala stand as the last country in the region to be closing gender-gaps, with very conservative minds (and policies) about women empowerement and sex education, gender bias and stigma, this unchains a crippling spiral into more insecurity and violence. During COVID19 lockdowns, the greater suffering where at home, where a women and girl where more prone to abusive behaviour by their family. 


Target Group:

Primarily women and girls, and also boys and men


Proposed Solution:

Honrada, No Vendida - un nuevo acccionar en los derechos de la niña y de la mujer (Honoured, Not Sold - Regaining Women and Girls' Rights) is a Guatemala City Hub project focused on prevention and reduction of human trafficking, sexual exploitation and any form of violence against women and girls in Guatemala and the region. This project is the basis of UnShape Slavery, a Global Shapers Community Cross-Hub Collaboration project initiate in December 2018.

  • Create a bold and trusted space to visualise, dialogue and bring solutions on the topic

  • Integrate art, technology and communities into creative ways in approaching a harsh reality

  • Train and mentor all age groups from all genders into identify normalised patterns in their daily activities that are expressions of violence, and reproduce them into short-films or storytelling.

We have partnered with the movide SOLD (directed by Jeffrey Brown), with a national filmaking production company (recently one of their films was nominate for a Golden Globe), regional not-for-profits, and are continuing to seek partnerships to grow our reach and quality training content with experts. 

Hub Activities:

  • 2018: Premiered the film SOLD in Guatemala in La Sala de Cine (Casa de Producción) with a sold-out audience with a personalized interview with the direct, and a dialogue with organizations in Guatemala working towards human rigths, dignified labour opportunities and  ending human trafficking.

  • 2019: Co-hosted RITMICA, a workshop with communication agencies, not-for-profits, entrepreneurs and techies to solve numerous case exercises on human trafficking and sexual and reproductive health rights. We applied for grants, including the UK Government Grant (unsucessful)

  • 2020: During lockdown, conducted ELLAx, a series of live dialogues (problem and solutions) on domestic peace, the right to chose, equal opportunities in STEAM, and the power of entrepeneruship.  Applied again for UK grant, but was canceled because of COVID. We also organized a Central America same day live dialogues on "Central America Without Violence" in June, simultaneous dialogues.

  • 2021: Hosting a Davos Lab on the topic and including a male-oriented training for behavioural change (ELLAx). Will apply again for UK grant and others. Looking to expand partnerships, especially Hub-driven project in-line with UnShape Slavery.


Short & Long-Term Goals/Results

  • Identify patterns of violence that have been normalized in Guatemala, the region and world

  • Enhance the understanding of the human rights violation and engage those in art, entrepreneurship and technology to be agents of empathy towards audience, and as bridge between day-to-day pattners with organization working to reduce these forms.

  • More empowered in knowing the paths to make a complaint (in what, how, why) and connecting and being identified in the problem and solution - from any stand point.


Available Metrics:

  • Included over 200 person data-base involved in the project outside of Shapers in Guatemala

  • Sold-out premiere of movie SOLD in Guatemala and how this is shaped in Guatemala

  • The most engaged post on our social media ever in the Hub have been from this project

  • Mention of the project in the book "The Serendipity Mindset" published by Penguin Random House

  • Speaking of the project at the Thomson Reuters Foundations Trust Conference in London 2019