Hub Talks

Global Shapers Faisalabad hub initiated the Hub Talks series with the aim to connect with and nurture a diverse community of young leaders from fellow hubs and other industries to channel their energy to shape a peaceful, purposeful, prosperous, and inclusive World starting with Faisalabad. A formation of a diverse collective of youth was required in order to put their view forward and suggestions about the programs and processes within the focus area of the Faisalabad hub, from policymaking to leadership attributes, from climate change to the COVID-19 issue. This series aims to gather experts and members of the community from different backgrounds, from public health bodies to governmental organizations all at one platform to combat challenges faced by each one of us. Thus far, we have successfully conducted 18 live talks on Facebook and Instagram which have been viewed by over 200,000 people around the globe. The project aims to reach out and create a positive influence on 1 million individuals to shape the future of young leaders as defined by the new Human Revolution “History has always been shaped by the power of Youth”