Hubtalks Covid-19

You are not alone.


These are challenging times, personally and collectively, as the whole world grapples with a new reality that compels us to rethink how work, learning and socializing are structured.

And if we're in positions of leadership and influence where our decisions could impact the lives of our teams and communities, it's only natural that we feel overwhelmed, paralyzed and disoriented at such a critical inflection point in modern history.

Global Shapers Community Hong Kong is convening an online roundtable of youth leaders and experts to share best practices in community well-being and mental health with fellow company, team and community leaders.


If you are currently grappling with the following questions...

- How can I, as a leader, first take care of myself and then my organization, team or community?

- How should I lead my team in periods of anxiety and stress?

- How can I balance being a good listener and a good leader?

- What kinds of strategies and policies are other teams and communities putting in place?

(and more)


... please do join us for an open and frank discussion and sharing. Our panelists all run mental health projects for their respective Global Shaper hubs, and hold day jobs in mental health and community well-being in NGOs, startups and global corporations.


You are not alone.