Huella Hídrica - Water Footprint

One of the challenges the Guatemala City Hub has found within their community is regarding water consumption. Issues include:

- Lack of knowledge / awareness about the personal use of water.

- Incorrect use of water.

Due to climatic problems and the evolution of pollution, awareness of this resource is imperative. The Hub is focused on attacking the immediate effects and working toward avoiding future problems. The goal is for people to consider their everyday use individually, in terms of consumption, use, waste and pollution in order to generate a mass effect and reach more people. The educational system in Guatemala also does not encourage the proper use of water resources.

The Hub is proposing a number of solutions for this lack of awareness:

- Facilitate content through workshops to teach people the use of water resources correctly.

- Give effective solutions (tips) via electronic communications to be able to care for and reduce the use of water.

- After having measured their water footprint, instruct people with effective solutions they can implement in their day-to-day activities in order to promote water care.

The Hub is working in collaboration with the Mesa de Barranqueros association in Guatemala City to take part on this year's edition of the Festival del Agua for a second time. The Hub is also working closely with Funcagua.


Within a select group of people as a pilot experiment, the Hub intends to reduce the amount of liters of water that their personal calculation shows. In a certain period of time following the challenge launch, the goal is to generate a 25% reduction in the total amount of water used.