I Can Read

I Can Read, is a project aimed at bridging the gap by building in-classroom libraries, hosting literacy programs and promoting reading at home/school/learning centres during the most critical development years. This is done by raising funds via social media campaigns, which involves an interesting and innovative reading challenge to increase the level of engagement. The hub has gathered funding to sponsor 5 in-classroom libraries (local NGOs/non-profits) so far and are running reading programmes in the libraries by training the volunteers/teachers. The project is currently impacting 500+ children of age group 6-14 years and 20+ volunteers/teachers. The project team is building skill sets of volunteers by training them on topics like setting goals, conducting assessments, collecting data, managing the library and drawing insights to track growth. These also include training on pedagogical practices related to literacy which will further upskill them be tech-friendly by enabling them to use digital resources.


The education level in Indian government schools is in a dire state as 50% of class 5 students cannot read the text of class 2 level! Check out the highlights in the ASER Education Report 2018.

Goals and Impact:

Equip 2000+ children with literacy skills by installing 20 in-classroom libraries and training 100+ volunteers/teachers and making them tech-enabled.