I Care

It is evident that the pandemic and its consequences have hampered the mental state of children and youth. Parents, guardians and teachers are also likely to experience significant stress during this time at managing their own stress while also caring for children.


Imphal Hub and Surat Hub are conducting a series of webinars to spread awareness about mental health issues and their symptoms, provide guidance and support, and share self coping mechanisms and strategies for a more favorable tomorrow. The goal of the project I Care is to provide a platform for vulnerable individuals to ask for help and share their practices and stories to help themselves and others around them.


Imphal Hub is also collecting data using surveys from various regions to further understand the issue and to design better tools to handle mental health issues, which will be shared following the conclusion of the project. Over 200 survey answers have been collected till date. Imphal Hub have launched an e-comic series called 'The Mindful Express' for the younger audience and to unravel the imporatnce of Mental Health.


The webinar series will include the following:

Season 1

  • Episode 1- July 2020- “Understanding mental health”-2 and half hours session, about 60 participants.

  • Episode 2-August 2020-“Being anxious vs anxiety”- 2 and half hours session, roughly 52 participants.

  • Episode 3- September 2020 – “Depression”

  • Episode 4-November 2020 - “Suicide prevention”

Season 2

  •  Episode 1 – January 2021 – “General self-care for a healthy mental state”

  •  Episode 2- February 2021- “Self-care for anxiousness and anxiety”

  •  Episode 3- March 2021- “Self-care for depression”

  •  Episode 4- April 2021- “Self-care for thoughts of suicide”