In the previous two decades regardless of the private ownership-based economy and established pluralism in the political discourse, all available data as well the general public perception showed a big lack of entrepreneurial spirit, courage for taking risks, lack of activism in civil society discourse, and wider opinion that those who are successful, have never failed in neighter in their professional nor in private life. 

iFAIL is one of the Skopje Hub first and one of the main projects dated from 2013 and it is still ongoing and that's why we want to upgrade it. It is a conference where twice per year 3 to 5 speakers who are successful in the eyes of the public share a mistake from their professional or personal life from which they have learned a lesson and consequently it leads them to success. Short-term goals:

To increase proactive interest, activism, and encouragement among youth, especially youth potential entrepreneurs and activists, through sharing real mistakes from speakers' professional or private life, and sending a broader message that after overcoming them, they have learned an appropriate lesson that led them to success.

 The project timeline:

It has started back in 2013.

Never-ending, but upgrading. Twice per year; Spring + Autumn

The Hub aims to increase the entrepreneurial spirit, courage for taking risks, activism in civil society discourse, among the young people and showed that that failure can happen. 

1-2 iFAIL events per year

3-5 speakers included

150+ audience (youth)

All Shapers included or supported

2+ new members attracted

2- new enterpreneurs