Impact Leadership Series

Impact Leadership is a platform for young impact leaders. Our Impact Leadership Series is an interactive dialogue event series hosted by the Global Shapers Stockholm on what it means to be an impact leader and how we tackle current local and global challenges. Join us in exploring and tackling tough questions on how to build a society where people and the planet prosper.

Goals: The primary goals of the Impact Leadership platform and the Impact Leadership Series are to inspire, empower, and equip young leaders with the knowledge, skills, and mindset needed to drive positive change in their communities and beyond. Through engaging dialogue events and collaborative efforts, the platform aims to foster a new generation of impact leaders who are committed to addressing pressing local and global challenges.


Leadership Development: Participants will develop leadership skills, including critical thinking, communication, problem-solving, and adaptability, enabling them to lead with confidence and effectiveness.

Innovative Solutions: The platform aims to inspire participants to generate innovative solutions to complex problems. By fostering creativity and interdisciplinary thinking, the platform contributes to the development of unique approaches to challenges.

Positive Change: Through actionable discussions and collaborative efforts, the platform seeks to drive tangible positive change in communities. This could include initiatives related to social justice, environmental sustainability, education, and more.

Networking and Collaboration: Participants will have the opportunity to build a network of like-minded individuals, experts, and organizations, facilitating ongoing collaboration and support for their initiatives.