Executive Summary:

The project aims to address the escalating issue of stray dogs and cats in Muscat, brought about by various factors such as the absence of Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) programs, limited animal welfare resources, cultural biases against non-pedigree breeds, and pet abandonment due to a lack of pet care awareness. The target groups for this project include stray wadi dogs and cats, abandoned pets in Muscat, potential international adopters, and the local community in Muscat.


Proposed Solution:

The project proposes a multi-faceted approach to tackle the issue:

1. International Adoptions: Collaborate with NGOs, nonprofits, and shelters to rehome rescued wadi dogs and cats with caring families abroad.

2. Fostering Network Expansion: Establish a global network of international volunteers for fostering animals and raising local awareness.

3. Local Awareness Campaigns: Develop educational programs to advocate responsible pet ownership and celebrate all breeds, including wadi dogs and cats.


Project Hub Activities:

Key activities include rescuing stray wadi dogs and cats in Muscat with local NGOs, partnering with international shelters for adoption opportunities, recruiting and training international volunteers for fostering, conducting educational programs in Muscat, managing an online adoption and fostering platform, and overseeing project finances.


Short and Long-Term Goals:

In the short term (1 year), the project aims to rehome 15 dogs and 5 cats, directly impacting 20 individuals and indirectly reaching 3,000 through educational initiatives. In the long term (3 years), the goals include doubling annual rescues, establishing a sustainable fostering and adoption platform, and significantly reducing Muscat's stray animal population.


Available Metrics:

The project will track output metrics such as the number of animals rescued and rehomed, growth of fostering/adoption networks, and educational programs delivered. Impact metrics will focus on increased public awareness, responsible pet ownership practices, and a decrease in the stray animal population.


Project Collaborators:

Collaboration will be sought with local NGOs and NPOs like Wave Cats & Dogs rescue, Omani Paws, and Muscat Dog Adoption, as well as potential partnerships with international animal shelters and adopters in GSC Hubs worldwide through Global Shapers. This collaborative effort aims to create a sustainable solution to the issue of stray animals in Muscat.