Improve Milano

The Milan Hub project Improve Milano is the first inter-generational critical thinking exercise in Milan aimed at identifying the impacts generated by the Fourth Industrial Revolution on future generations. The project focuses on unemployment, the demand of new skills by the job market and on emerging work challenges. Improve Milano leverages the Global Shapers network to identify and invite topic experts to run the workshops. 

Since 2017, over 100 workshops have been organized for university and high school students in partnership with the United Nation's Local Pathways Fellowship, Catholic University and Politecnico di Milano in Milan, il Salone dello Studente, Fondazione RUI, ELIS and Impactscool. The workshops have taken place in Milan, Rome, Turin, Genoa, Palermo. The project features over 30 workshop topics, linked to the Sustainable Development Goals and the 4IR and focused on issues such as The Future of Healthcare, Impact Investing, Smart Agriculture and Nutrition and Smart Cities. Around 5000 students and young practitioners participated, as well as 20 topic experts.

In particular, since January 2018 the project has led a series of workshops targeting high school students. The hub put in place a pilot collaboration with the Leonardo Scientific High School in Milan, consisting of a series of eight interactive workshops per class per year. The pilot provided 16-17-year-old students with basic knowledge on a series of sustainability and technology topics linked to the Fourth Industrial Revolution, as well with practical skills useful to finding a job in key topics. Find out more: