Including the Transexual Community on the Global Shapers Agenda

Problem Statement

Globally, the Transexual Community is being impacted by less than 1% of the hubs.

Target Group

Transexual Community in Mexico City.

Proposed Solution

The proposed solution is based on a series of initiatives and proposals that aim to approach, collaborate and help the local trans community in the labor and social field.

Hub Activities

Firstly, through the organisation of a trans job fair as part of an employability programme. Secondly, aiming to recruit a trans person in our next recruiting, in order to get more involved with the challenges faced by the transgender community, seeking to have a more inclusive perspective on future proposals from the community. Thirdly, a football match between shapers and a trans football team. Finally, an interaction initiative between shapers and LGBT+ elders.

Short & Long-Term Goals

To collaborate with the inclusion of the trans community in the labor market and other spaces of socialization where the community is being discriminated. Additionally, we seek that in the future the hub can involve a greater gender perspective.

Available Metrics

  1. # transgender people participating in the employability program (job fair).

  2. # shapers interacting with LGBT+ elders.

  3. # soccer games between a trans team and shapers

  4. # shapers from the transgender community in the Mexico City Hub.


3 trans partner organisations

For more information about the job fair: