Inclusive Cyber Talent

The Inclusive Cyber project empowers underrepresented talent from overlooked and atypical backgrounds to break into cybersecurity, to build a cyber talent pipeline as diverse as the cyber challenges we will face. We do this through our award-winning workshops and transferable skills toolkit, that are specifically tailored to university students from non-STEM backgrounds (e.g., Fine Arts, English Literature) to help them carve their pathways to cyber. The project was founded in Montreal, and is localised in London and Kigali.

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  1. Cyber recruitment statistics in Rwanda showcasing upward trend in more holistic recruitment from different education backgrounds;

  2. Rwanda’s cybersecurity education programs open applications to students who do not come from an IT background. (e.g., eliminating a Bachelor in Computer Science as a prerequisite to a Master in Cybersecurity);

  3. Education programmes from various non-IT disciplines start to raise awareness about cybersecurity as a potential career path for their students through cross registrations, speaker panels, Career Planning Services advertisements, networking events etc.;

  4. Recruitment culture change: cybersecurity job advertisement descriptions begin to be written with less narrow technological focus, instead favouring a balanced mix of analytical and soft skills, and the keen interest to upskill and cross-skill; and

  5. Cyber companies instituting robust on-the-job learning and training programmes to meet the ever-evolving cyber field rather than relying on pre-existing technical knowledge.