Inclusive Stories

Problem Statement

In Puebla, 4 out of 10 people have depression problems and only one is treated, and worldwide there are records that the figure increases to 7 out of 10 people with this issue, according to a study made in 2019 by UPAEP (a local university in our city), based on information from the World Health Organization.

Target Group

Citizens of Puebla

Proposed Solution

Our Hub intends to address this problem by creating a movement through social media, so people of all ages and backgrounds can share their stories anonymously to express themselves, plus inspire others, in order to improve their emotional well being that has been more harmed due to the current state of isolation and lack of connection because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Hub Activities

The specific actions the project is taking to make a difference are: 

  • Share data on the Facebook fan page to create awareness about emotional well-being.

  • Receive through a survey online open to the public so people can write their stories, everyone can share their thoughts, anonymously or not, about any situation regarding their emotional well-being and mental health. Submit your story here

  • Publish the stories on the Facebook page so anyone can read them and interact with them. 

  • Provide mental health and emotional well-being workshops and talks open to the public.  

  • Channel the special cases of people who need professional help with organizations that are dedicated to providing psychological guidance.

  • In a second stage, alliances will be created with local artists to transform stories into illustrations, sculptures, music, dance or poems to show the benefits of emotional expression through art.

  • In a third stage, a compilation of the stories and their artistic expressions will be made through a digital and physical book that will be presented in different spaces to continue creating awareness and expanding the network.

Short & Long-Term Goals/Results

Our main goal is to create a support network to improve the mental and emotional health of those who are part of it. Inclusive Stories arises as a project in which we seek that people express that present or past situation that marked them in life and that they be heard and accompanied.

Available Metrics

  • 80 people sharing their stories by the end of the year.

  • 7 shapers directly working on the project.

  • 4 workshops held about emotional health. 

  • 20 artists collaborating with the project

  • 1 book presented at the end of the year with the compilation of 50 stories and an illustration


20 artists collaborating with the project