Problem Statement & Target Group

The lack of financial inclusion and digital transformation of the most vulnerable communities in the department of Atlántico, Colombia.

Proposed Solution & Hub Activities

Aware of the importance of providing equitable opportunities for all, iNNclusion emerges as an initiative that seeks to promote and enhance entrepreneurship, employability, and technological literacy among various populations with vulnerabilities, such as migrants, refugees, returning Colombians, the host community, and people with diverse abilities, among others.

The strategic objective focuses on achieving financial inclusion and digital transformation in the most vulnerable communities of the Atlántico department, Colombia. Through a comprehensive and targeted intervention, iNNclusion seeks to promote and enhance entrepreneurship, improve employability opportunities, and strengthen technological literacy among manifestly vulnerable groups.

The program is composed of 5 working teams. These teams will carry out the relevant activities to achieve the success of iNNclusion and will be divided into the areas of project management, technology, marketing, community development, and finally, research and knowledge management.

Short & Long-term Goals

Through programs and platforms tailored to the specific needs of each segment, iNNclusion aims to progress in erasing the financial and technological gaps that limit their development and well-being, providing them with the necessary skills to thrive in an ever-evolving economic and social environment.

iNNclusion Products

  • We will create an interactive Power BI dashboard to display impact variables and metrics.

  • We will develop digital courses on employability, entrepreneurship, and financial inclusion.

  • We will create informative posts on social media.

  • The platform will have employability and entrepreneurship resources.

  • We will organize events for civil organizations and the general public.

  • An LMS with courses will be created.


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