Innovations for Tomorrow/Future Summit


The innovation for Tomorrow is prganised by the Global Shapers Bucharest Hub . This event each year looks at some of the most important trends and tipping points that come with the 4th Industrial Revolution. We will also look at how these influence the next decades in Romania and what are some of the opportunities and challenges for Romanian society.

Last edition of Innovations for Tomorrow 2019 took place at the end of November 2019, hosting over 200 participants, from business leaders to researchers, scientists, public officials, entrepreneurs and investors. The programme focused on three main topics: The Impact of AI and Automation on Industries and Society, The Impact and solutions to Climate Crises, Skills for the Future in Education and Labor Force.


Achieved Metrics:

-Each edition had between 140 and 450 participants

-Between 5 and 12 shapers

-Over 50 scholarships to attend