Innovations for Tomorrow/Future Summit


Executive Summary: 
The innovation for Tomorrow is organized by the Global Shapers Bucharest Hub. This event each year looks at some of the most important trends and tipping points that come with the 4th Industrial Revolution. We will also look at how these influences the next decades in Romania and what are some of the opportunities and challenges for Romanian society.

This series of events started in May 2017 called then Innovations for Tomorrow and in the previous 3 editions we tackled a variety of topics like the impact of AI and automation on industry and society, future of healthcare and human enhancements, the future of work and skills or mobility and robotics. The 2019 edition of Future Summit brought together over 35 speakers and moderators among which: The Energy Intelligence Head e of E-ON, the inventor of the first electric flying taxi, Disneyland Paris Innovation Director, or the activist planting tens of millions of trees in Africa.

The Future is always about transformation. That is why at the 5th edition (2020) of Future Summit we moved into a hybrid offline/online setting for 5 days. A week-long space for conversations about innovation, future trends, and technology's impact on society. A gathering of ideas, leaders, and innovators for a Better Future. A meeting of the wanderers, the action-oriented, and the forward-thinkers.

PROBLEM: One of the main challenges in creating more sustainable economic growth comes from a lack of medium to long-term vision and planning. We observe all around us a need for more education and knowledge sharing about the future: from the impact of new technologies to new business models and trends.


The main target group is middle to senior professionals.


Creating a big hearty conference, but also, a community of people to discuss, imagine, and create the future we want. we aim to better prepare youth, companies, and governments for the Future.

Co-organization of Innovations for Tomorrow/Future Summit


Event management


Strong engagement from participants in all editions.


Make future and innovation two important discussions topics for Romanians as the first step for change. 


Each edition had between 140 and 450 participants.

Between 5 and 12 shapers

Over 50 scholarships to attend.


Social Innovation Solutions

Foreign Investors Council

Romanian Business Leaders