Instituting Sanitary Napkin Disposal Mechanisms in Indore

Disposal of used sanitary napkins is a common problem faced by girls. There are no specific disposal equipment installed either in domestic households or public places in colleges, malls, schools, cinema theatres, railway stations etc. This leads to girls disposing the napkins in dustbins or flushing the waste in toilets which leads to many problems.

The Project will look to target this specific problem. The idea is to initially install incinerators or sanitary napkins disposal units in colleges so that the sanitary napkins can be hygienically disposed. This will be a safer way to dispose sanitary napkins and there would not be any kind of hesitation as well as this equipment would be installed in girl’s toilets in colleges.

 The objective of the project is to identify 5 girls colleges initially and identify and install the best mechanism for disposal of sanitary napkins