Ja Tak


Tons and tons of paper are used each year for print commercials and free newspapers that no one reads. We believe the impact of transforming the opt-out model of print commercials to an opt-in model would be tremendous - it would force the consumer to make a conscious choice.

Global Shapers Copenhagen work together with a small group of locals who have worked on it for more than 10 years.


Since the launch of the project in late 2019, Coop Denmark, one of the largest supermarket chains in Denmark, has announced that they will go 100% digital for commercials. At this very moment, the proposal is being voted on in the parliament.

Our goal is to get an opt-in model for printed commercials and free newspapers adopted in Denmark. Based on similar switches in cities around Europe, we estimate that the amount will drop by 65 % simply because people have to opt-in rather than opt-out.

This simple switch could therefore save 65% of the resources - threes, transportation, environmental harmful ink.

The paper is so stained from all the ink that it is not possible to recycle properly. 

We therefore help both the climate and the environment.