Kalaro, Karilyo, Kampo (Playmate, Shadow Play, Camp)

Problem Statement: Children supported by Concordia Children's Services, Manila, need to be engaged with learning through play with their community in order to improve their quality of life and future outcomes.

Target Group: Children supported by Concordia Children's Services, including orphans housed by the institution, and youth from nearby families who are impoverished, supported by Concordia through feeding and play programs.

Proposed Solution: The hub proposed to connect Concordia and its supported kids to individual artists and volunteers to open a relationship with this community of kids who are very much disconnected, a situation that was aggravated by the pandemic. The hub offered play through art: drawing, coloring, music, dance, and puppetry or shadow play.

Hub Activities:  

1. Needs Analysis

The hub got in touch with the institution with its proposal of offering learning through play (art or sports) and asked about other needs the hub and its members may extend.

2. Preparation

In December 2022, the hub reconnected with Concordia through its Social Worker, Jenicka Tan. The hub prepared the resources needed for the activities: manpower, program, logistics, etc, in coordination with the host institution.

3. Implementation

On January 28, 2023, the hub attended and organized the event proper, conducting warm-ups through dance led by Manila Shaper Ben Espiritu, a shadow play presentation with artist Sig Pecho, and play through art facilitated by Manila Shaper Tonio Flores.

On February 28, 2023, the hub, with the help of Rotary Club Downtown Manila and Rotary Club Tokyo Machida East, donated shoes to kids staying in the orphanage - facilitated by Manila Shaper Jeremiah Tomas.

The hub has helped with extending invitations to Concordia's 40th Anniversary Celebration and Fundraising Event on August 19, 2023.

4. Follow-through

The hub posted documentation on public channels, submitted reports, and followed through on commitments made through Preparation and Implementation.

Short- & Long-Term Goals/Results:

1. To introduce new and engaging activities to a community in need of support in caring for kids

2. To highlight the role of art and movement in learning

3. To connect the community to more possible supporters, donors, and visitors.

Through the project, 50 children were supported and inspired to think and act creatively.

Both the caretakers and the kids were happy with the shadow play, remarking that it was a novel activity for them. The hub bonded with the kids and introduced them to a new community to partner with their organizations and companies. The hub also learned more about its members and probationary members and their talents and interests. 

The project team was able to respond to the stated need for shoes through partnerships with local organizations, and connected the orphanage with an infrastructure company for a possible partnership that ultimately fell through. Even if the latter was not successful, the process of pitching helped both the orphanage and the hub.