Kawwen is an upskilling directory platform. Kawwen's mission is to provide a comprehensive directory of upskilling programs offered in Lebanon to equip individuals with the most in-demand skills to advance their careers.

We aim to help individuals access opportunities to build their skills and knowledge and to provide them with the tools they need to succeed in today's competitive job market. Through our directory of programs, we will help connect people with the training and education they need to achieve their goals and improve their lives.

Our platform primarily aims to bridge the skills gap in the labour market, offer the latest tools to become sought-after job candidates in Lebanon and act as an amplifier for the roles of job creators and for the potential of unemployed or employed youth. By achieving our objectives, the platform will help alleviate some of the challenges faced by Lebanon’s labour force. This includes the persistent skills mismatch between the labour force and the labour market, the inadequate tools and resources to navigate the job market, the increased unemployment especially among Lebanese youth (47.8% as of January 2022, ILO), and the limited access to job opportunities and upskilling programs.