The Khibra project is an online platform that connects young individuals to leaders and mentors. Khibra also connects young talent with job and volunteering opportunities that match their ambitions and goals. The program was done in partnership with Tamkeen, Bahrain’s local authority for supporting SMEs and empowering the local workforce along with Bahrain Business Women Society and Mowgli, an international organization for mentorship.


Khibra aimed to support the local ecosystem in these 3 key areas:

Networking: To provide young talent with opportunities to broaden and expand their networks and relationships.

Knowledge and Skill Transfer: To provide participants with opportunities to develop their skills and abilities, increase their knowledge in different professional areas and enable mentors and experts to pass on their experiences and lessons-learned.

Career Development: To help participants gain insight on the best ways to begin their careers, transition to new areas, and pursue rich experiences to enhance their career progress and personal development.


In 2015, Khibra linked young Bahrainis with over 1,000 mentors, matched 20+ young individuals with experts and became the catalyst for future mentorship programs.


Tamkeen has since launched much bigger mentorship programs which supported 1,000s of young Bahrainis in 2016 to 2019.