Latam4 is a platform that seeks to accelerate the transition of Latin America into the future, through the development of agile media content, the execution of scalable projects and drive dialogue between the public and private sector in the design of public policies.

This because we currently see that the coming changes of the 4th Industrial Revolution will have deep and poweful repercusions affecting the region on a technologica, economic and societal level. But we have seen a lack of awareness and future-proofing being done in both the private and public sector. 

Latam4 is led by a diverse team of Global Shapers that want to accelerate the way the region does research, foster key alliances and build channels to listen to the grassroots needs of the relevant stakeholders.

The hub is incubating the first "action-tank" of Latin America that will move dialogue of the 4th industrial revolution into action. To achieve this, the hub has four fundamental approaches: the publication of content, practical research, objective analysis and execution of agile projects.

The objective of the project is to promote the execution of proactive public policy (instead of reactive), private development and, incentivize a constructive dialogue across sectors to identify the best use of technology to improve the quality of life in Latin American. The desired impacts are:

  1. Foster in the next two years a wide community of powerful leaders leading Latin America towards a sustainable future where we are building a more cohesive region with a higher exchange of economic initiatives between our countries.

  2. Reduce the inefficiencies we see in both the public and private sector hindering the progress of our region, and finally to eradicate the disproportionate inequalities that afflict Latin America.

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