LCOY Bahrain - Budaiya

Problem Statement: Young Bahrainis lack formal channels to engage in climate action, hindering their valuable insights from contributing to national and international decision-making.

Target Group: Diverse Bahraini youth from various educational and industry backgrounds, aged 18-30, passionate about contributing to a sustainable future.

Proposed Solution: Host a Local Conference of Youth (LCOY Bahrain) to: Connect youth to climate processes: Facilitate their participation in regional and global climate discussions. Build local climate understanding: Gather diverse perspectives on Bahrain's unique climate challenges and opportunities. Amplify youth voices: Develop a collective youth statement to inform national policymaking and contribute to COP28.

Hub Activities:

  • Organize LCOY Bahrain: Gather youth participants, conduct interactive policy discussions, facilitate expert talks, and guide statement writing.

  • Foster collaboration: Partner with regional youth networks and Bahraini climate organizations.

  • Disseminate outcomes: Share the LCOY Bahrain statement with national decision-makers and showcase youth contributions at COP28.

Short-Term Goals:

  • Convene a successful LCOY Bahrain event with diverse participation and impactful statements.

  • Secure the LCOY Bahrain statement's inclusion in the regional youth statement presented at COP28.

  • Initiate dialogue with national decision-makers on incorporating youth perspectives into national climate action plans.

Long-Term Goals:

  • Establish LCOY Bahrain as a recurring platform for youth climate engagement in Bahrain.

  • Increase youth participation in national climate decision-making processes.

  • Contribute to Bahrain's long-term climate resilience and sustainability goals.


  • Number of youth participants engaged in LCOY Bahrain.

  • Content and impact of the LCOY Bahrain statement.

  • Level of engagement with national decision-makers on youth climate priorities.

  • Media coverage and public awareness of LCOY Bahrain and youth climate action.

Collaborators: YOUNGO, Bahrain Science Center for Sustainable Development Goals, regional youth networks, and Bahraini climate organizations. By empowering young Bahrainis through LCOY Bahrain, we aim to unlock their potential to shape a more sustainable future for the island nation and beyond.