LCOY Bahrain - Manama

This project aims to enhance and facilitate youth’s participation in COP processes, by facilitating a mechanism to include Bahraini youth in climate processes while also cultivating a localized understanding of climate for Bahrain. Little data is available on the progress in mainstreaming of climate in education, and while initiatives exist to gather voices around climate, formalized initiatives remain limited. This project is part of YOUNGO’s wider initiative of hosting LCOYs (local conferences of youth) as input for RCOYs (regional conferences of youth), which in turn inform a youth statement at COP28.

LCOY Bahrain consisted of a series of exercises and expert talks. 27 youth participants from different educational and industry backgrounds attended, in addition to the 5 organizing team members. The event consisted of a policy discussion exercise to arrive at common themes and expressions around climate in Bahrain, followed by two talks by Dr. Reem Almealla and Dr. Fernanda Lonardoni. They spoke from their expertise on climate activism and the role of urban development in climate, respectively. The event concluded with facilitated statement writing in groups. The outcome was 25 statements submitted by the participants expressing areas of opportunity and aspirations for climate mitigation and adaptation in Bahrain, grouped into 5 scopes representing cross-cutting opportunity areas: elevating expertise and cross-discipline knowledge for climate innovation, fostering climate education and public awareness, expanding green finance for economic transitions, promoting nature-based solutions for thriving natural and built environments, and enhancing performance monitoring for manufacturing industries.

Beyond the RCOY, the aim is to have output from LCOY Bahrain feed into national decision making processes. The long term expected outcomes are: gather insights on climate from participants of diverse backgrounds contribute to a localized understanding of climate change specific to Bahrain and its challenges to produce a youth statement to contribute to the RCOY and also provide input to local policy making


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Collaborators: YOUNGO Global Shapers Budaiya Hub, Bahrain Science Center for SDGs, UN-Habitat, Dr. Reem Almealla