Leadership Club

Problem statement

Historically, Cartagena has been and is a city where great and diverse projects have been led and different leaderships have been carried out. Colonization and the independence process are clear examples of this. However, scourges such as poverty, low educational quality, lack of sense of belonging and the growing inequality gap have INFLUENCED in the division and polarization of leadership that we observe today. Accordingly, people and many of their leaders have been left without a clear path and without answers to the deep problems and different realities facing the city. For this reason the project "Club de liderazgo por Cartagena" (Leadership Club for Cartagena) arises, which seeks to unify the leaders through a platform that contains a demographic database that the entire community and institutions of Cartagena can consult to show the different problems of the city covered by the different leaders. Also, the project includes choosing from this database, leaders who enter a process of training and guided management where they will learn to develop initiatives that will impact their lives and communities, in addition to developing a sense of belonging to their city.


Proposed solution

Platform with geo-referenced map, that contains information of leaders from different sectors of the city (academic, business, community, government, etc.) and the issues they are working on, with the purpose of articulating efforts in the development of city projects aligned to the pillars of the hub and the needs of Cartagena de Indias.


Target groups

Immigrant, community and entrepreneurial city leaders between 20 and 35 years old, residents of Cartagena.



Actions for the creation of the platform: 

1. Building a database with more than 100 Cartagena leaders from the 3 localities and the main issues and city initiatives they are working on.

2. Designing a geo-referencing platform with the information of the  leaders and their city initiatives.

2. Prototyping the geo-referencing.

3. Validating the prototype and iterating until the required status is achieved. 

4. Developing the platform with the demographic database.

5. launching of the database. 


Actions of the training program: 

1. Choosing 20 leaders from the database from different locations of the city, making sure that we have members from all sectors: we will assign them sponsors who will be watching their process all the time. 

* They must have a community or family impact initiative.

*What they learn in the workshops will be applied to their initiatives. 

* We will give them visibility through digital media. 

*Leaders will be part of the platform where they will be able to connect with more learning, alliances, visibility, etc.



1. Creating a database with at least 100 leaders (initially) from the 3 localities of Cartagena, from which 30 beneficiaries will be chosen for a training program.

2. Implementation of 1 training and strengthening program for Cartagena's leaders.

3. Developing a geo-referenced map with the information of the leaders and the problems they address with their projects.


Available Metrics

#entities or leaders contacted 

#entities or leaders linked to the database

#entities or leaders trained



Governmental Organizations: 

Youth Office - Secretariat of Participation and Social Development of Cartagena de Indias, Centro intégrate de Cartagena, Cartagena School of Government and Leadership, Transcaribe S.A.



Local youth council locality 1. Historic and North Caribbean, youth councilors District of Cartagena, City Leaders.



Universidad de Cartagena, Universidad Tecnológica de Bolívar, Universidad Rafael Núñez, Universidad libre, Universidad San buenaventura, Fundación Universitaria Tecnológico de Comfenalco. 


Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs):

Mercycorps, trazo, Cartagena Chamber of Commerce, 


Private Sector:

OC Familia S.A.S.


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