Let’s Go Vote!

Jale a Votar (or Let's Go Vote!) is a San José Hub project that was delivered in 2017-2018. It has been one of the most successful projects of the Hub, as it required significant Hub membership engagement, involved an alliance with 4 organizations, and positioned Global Shapers in the country's media. 

The goal of the project was to encourage Costa Rican youth to exercise an informed vote in the 2018 national elections, through an accessible, interactive, and social digital platform, which allowed them to access information about the candidates and political parties' agendas. In the seven months of the project, the Facebook page grew 61% in followers, thanks to four highly successful campaigns. Moreover, the hub managed to secure the first-ever alliance with Uber where they provided heavily-discounted transportation to 60,000 voters who, otherwise, would not have been able to reach their voting centers. On election day, 3 out of 5 people we mobilized were young people under the age of 34 (target group). Aditionally, the hub was able to conduct interviews with 36 young candidates for Congress, allowing them to have a platform where they could present their ideas and positions to voters. Finally, the project transcended borders as more than 40 Costa Rican young professionals living abroad sent their photos with the Jale a Votar sign inviting people to vote in the different Embassies and consulates around the world.