Let’s Lead the Talk vol. 1

Problem Statement: Egyptian Youth need to be more educated on the issue of Climate Justice with a specific focus on the gendered impacts of climate change, in order to collaborate in generating just solutions for the climate crisis.


Target Group: Youth based in Alexandria who are part of environmental initiatives/organizations within the age range of 18-30.


Proposed Solution and Hub activities: The Alexandria Hub aims to equipping participants with the tools and the knowledge necessary for them to continue their climate advocacy with a just perspective, through a series of activities. These activities include: 

  • Organizing a climate trivia (covering the intersection between climate change and health, economy and fashion)

  • Organizing an interactive workshop on the gendered impacts of climate change (highlighting the intersection between climate change and gender based violence, the nexus between climate change, culture and gender roles)

  • Teaching the participants negotiations methods and conducting negotiations on the topic of women representation in decision-making processes especially in climate diplomacy

  • Having 10 min interventions featuring the stories provided by the "experts of the lived experience of climate change" which highlight the gendered impacts of climate change.

  • Teaching the participants how to write a policy paper to help them communicate their just climate solutions to decision makers


Short-term Goals: 

  1. Teaching 30 participants about the intersection between climate and gender. 

  2. Documenting the outcomes of the negotiations in a one page draft, and circulating it among environmental advocacy groups eg. YOUNGO. As well as, potentially have it discussed in COY17

  3. Giving the participants a wholesome view on the disproportionate effects of the climate crisis on marginalized communities, through featuring the stories of 2-3 shapers from different cities around the world eg: Karachi and Kano hubs. 

Long-term Goals: 

  1. Making three other editions of the project so that we could reach approx. 100-150 participants by July 2023. 

  2. Developing a manual of the taught curriculum in the project; where scattered knowledge would be centralized in one source that is completely written in the Arabic language. Additionally, circulating this manual with the Shapers from the Arab region. 

  3. Creating a network of let's lead the talk alumni that could become knowledge sharers (multipliers) in their respective fields and governorates, as well as to serve as a climate advocacy hub, with climate Justice at its core. 


Available metrics: The project is set to deliver 12 sessions to the same 30 participants during the period between the 12th-20th of October. Additionally, expanding the project partnerships with Goethe institute that demonstrated interest in the prospect of hosting a second edition of the project. 


Quotes from the first day of the project

" I was never really interested in the topic of climate change, however the project made me realize that the climate crisis is intertwined with every aspect of our lives." - Mariam Essam


Collaborators: Let's lead the talk" is executed in partnership with the "African Climate Reality Project", as well as "Your Voice" an NGO founded by Yasmine and Farah Ahmed Aburaya, focusing on gender-based violence, namely domestic abuse and intimate partner violence.