Let's Break the Silence

Let's Break the Silence is a series of social media campaign and short video documentary series to raise awareness on the challenges faced by people with disabilities. 

Series 1: Blindness

The first campaigned, conducted on Mar 2021, focused on blindness and featured individuals with blindness (students, professionals, friends) speaking about themselves, their careers, hobbies and the type of blindness. 

The goal of the campaign was to familierize the broader audience with people with blindness, raise awareness about some the wrong misconceptions and educate the public on how behave and treat others. 

The first campaign was distributed locally in Bahrain via social media (WhatsApp, Youtube and Instagram) and comprised of 6 videos shared over the month of March 2021


Episode 1: 

In the first episode we introduce our participants and what their relationship is with blindness and visual impairment.

Episode 2:

In this episode we discuss the etiquette of interacting with blind people and visually impaired people.

Episode 3:

In this episode our participants discuss the nice things that they enjoy in their lives since these things usually get ignored in mainstream conversations.

Episode 4:

In this episode we discuss the available services and products that make blind people’s lives easier.

Episode 5

The discussion in this episode is about what services and products we’d like to have to ease blind people’s lives even further.

Episode 6:

In the finale of the first installment of Let’s Break the Silence, we remind sighted people of things they might sometimes be oblivious to or unaware of.