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Because we CARE-The Skopje Hub supported the Pink Run Initiative

Poster for the Event with quote: "Just because a man lacks the use of his eyes doesn't mean he lacks vision." Stevie Wonder

"Just because a man lacks the use of his eyes doesn't mean he lacks vision." Stevie Wonder 

The First Pink Run Skopje 2014 for visually Impaired and blind people was held on 12.10.2014, organized by Pink Support and supported by few organizations, among which the Global Shapers Skopje Hub.
Pink Support is an organization that supports the integration of marginalized groups in Macedonia’s social life through their inclusion in the sports, social and educational activities in the country.Blind and Visually impaired people in Macedonia continually work towards building a society where every person’s dignity is respected and blind people are not seen as “less valuable.” Inspired by their efforts, Pink Support has joined forces with the organization “World at Your Palm,” in order to realize the project “Let’s Meet Up,” organized the Observance of 15th October – International White Cane Day. As Pink Support activist state “The main goal of the project was to fight the prejudice that exist towards blind and visually impaired persons.” Pink Support activities aim to increase the level of inclusion of blind people in society, demystify their condition and increase their chances of getting employment.
The Global Shapers Skopje Hub recognized the great cause behind the initiative and offered support to the event. The Hub provided logistic help in the Media Relations, and offered its shapers expertise in drafting press releases, targeted PR and ensured media presence at the event. Also, the event management was great opportunity for boosting the team spirit and working jointly towards helping the great cause.
With this project supported by the Hub, through the great media presence the Macedonian public was informed about the Hub existence and its mission.
 Media clipping
The Hub participation and support does not end with the events and the project timeframe. Inspired by Goce who lost his sight 16 years ago, the Hub went through intensive research on newest technologies and innovations designed to help the visually impaired. Through many hub contacts and shapers interactions the Hub came across  the story of the Lechal shoes as "the next huge thing on the market to help blind people". Lechal footwear is a new world  brand created with the aim to use technology to help the visually-impaired navigate their worlds better.
With strong belief and hope in the innovative  shoes, the Hub mission is to firstly help Goce and to bring the innovative product in Macedonia.The Hub contacted the Indian brand to ask details for ordering and received a reply that Lechal shoes are still in the prototype phase, while their distribution is planned to start in Europe in early summer 2015. When the product will be available for markets Hub will launch Fundraising Initiative to obtain sufficient amount of money for purchasing the first pair of shoes. Once Goce has his pair of shoes, with media presence and special event the Hub will call other stakeholders, the private sector and other organizations to put light on innovation and support to this marginalized community.
In the next steps, with the mission of empowering young innovators the Hub plans to approach youth IT brains that already work on similar tech initiatives within the State University.