Let's Talk Period

Let’s Talk, Period is an initiative to drive awareness about and action towards sustainable menstruation, through:

  • Awareness: through a series of interactive workshops with a target audience comprising of urban youth (18-35 years) through workshops on the need for sustainable menstrual practices. A workshop (with an audience of anywhere between 20-50 people) starts with a discussion on the anatomy and process of menstruation, the existing socio-cultural barriers around menstruation, the importance of sustainable alternatives due to the health and environmental impact of the conventional products; moving to an interactive discussion around the products currently used by the attendees and their inhibitions in making the switch; finally concluding with a short survey filled by each attendee.

  • Action: Engaging interested volunteers from each group of attendees to take this conversation forward in their communities - in a ‘Train the Trainer’ model, through campaigns, resource toolkit and events that are conducted throughout the year; developing a safe space for menstruators making the switch to share experiences and ask questions; curating survey data from attendees of the workshops to develop primary information on access and barriers to sustainable menstruation alternatives.

To date, the project impact is:

  • Number of Sessions Conducted: 10

  • Number of Participants Engaged in Survey: 220

  • Digital Art Exhibition on Menstruation: reached 30,000+ unique individuals with 33 artwork submissions from 8 states in India