Lets Unite To Fight Corona (#Covid19)

Covid 19 is one unprecedented pandemic and whole world is struggling to fight it. Pakistani authorities are putting up a great fight but it is something they can fight on their own so in this hour of crisis we initiated our campaign Let's Unite to Fight Corona (#covid19). We are supporting Pakistan government institutions in this fight against corona. We believe unity is the key to fight this, we can only fight this if we can pool in our resources and give a collective effort. We need to support our daily wagers and most importantly people on front line who are fighting day and night i.e. Doctors, Nursing staff, Security forces and relief workers.

We are working on providing 2 supplies:

1.      Awareness Sessions & Food Supplies for Daily wagers and struggling class

Covid 19 is taking over the world, In Pakistan the number has crossed over 250,000 cases and with each passing day number is increasing. Businesses are closing down, companies have started downsizing and daily wagers are the ones facing scarcity of food so we are working with different stakeholders in finding families and providing food packs. We ensure social distancing and before distributing packs we conduct awareness sessions and brief people about challenges and ways to fight Covid19.


2.      Medical Supplies and Safety gears for Front line warriors

Globally there’s a shortage of medical supplies PPE and masks Particularly. Pakistan being a textile country so we thought we got in touch with textile industry and shared specifications of PPEs and were able to get required PPEs. After procuring PPEs we contacted different vendors and were able to procure N95 masks, Kn95 masks, surgical masks, gloves, Face shields, goggles. Now we are working with more than 100 hospitals in Pakistan and providing medical supplies to people on frontline. With hospitals we are equipping emergency relief units as well.


All this work has been done voluntarily with the support of over 100 plus volunteers and 500 plus donors. With mutual efforts we were able to raise over 20 Million Pkr (121,000 Dollars approx). With this fund we were able to provide food packs to 7500 + families and 6000+ medical supplies to 120 hospitals in 25 different cities. With distribution we spread awareness as per guidelines provided by WHO, leaving a lasting impression on underprivileged on the importance of social distancing.

This is decisive time of our lives, its now and never now. Either we can fight back or regret not acting when we had time. Lets join hands to fight corona (#covid19) and help our governments to find best solutions.


Lets Unite To Fight Corona (#covid19) Project powered by Zariya & Green Volunteers with the help of team leads in 15 cities.