Letters of Hope

This year, Christmas and Easter could be a lonely and difficult one for senior citizens! The elderly are the most at risk from COVID-19. Ninety-five per cent of those who have died from the disease are over 60 years old, and 50 per cent were over 80. The young generation would like to give them a little joy and build bridges while also maintaining social distance. 


Global Shapers Vienna Hub will collect letters and postcards from the youth and send them to retirement homes: letters of hope against corona loneliness! For every letter received we will add one chocolate to be delivered with the letter. Writing letters might be a slightly forgotten art but it’s more important than ever to connect with people, and putting pen to paper is an excellent way of making sure our elderly know we’re thinking about them.


Physical isolation is important for public health right now, but our elders deserve to feel supported, too. All youth organizations and children's groups are invited to contribute towards this project.

The campaign is initiated by Global Shapers Vienna Hub, Achtsamkeitsatelier & Mind the Mind Austria and is supported by Bundesjugendvertretung and Plattform österrichischer Psychologiestudierender. #loneliness #lettersofhope #bettertogether #actofkindness #mindfulchristmas #actofhope